Find Pet Grooming Services in Texarkana, TX

Bubbles & Biscuits will take good care of your dog or cat

If your pet needs a trim, there's no reason to chase them around the house for hours trying to get it done. Bubbles & Biscuits offers pet grooming services in Texarkana, TX to help your pet stay clean and neat.

While we can shave your pet down, if that's what you want, we prefer to approach dog grooming with a fluff and scissors technique. While we focus on dog and cat grooming, we can work with all types of animals. We use a variety of high-end products to give your pet a shiny, clean coat you'll love.

Call 903-791-0099 today to schedule dog or cat grooming at our pet boutique in Texarkana, Texas.

We'll customize our services to meet your needs

Bubbles & Biscuits will have your dog or cat looking their very best. Every dog gets a blueberry facial when they're groomed. Our services also include:

  • Nail clipping
  • Washing
  • Blow drying

We'll use certain shampoos to meet the needs of your pet's hair or skin type. Visit Bubbles & Biscuits today for dog or cat grooming in Texarkana, TX. No animal will be turned away by us. We can groom birds, rabbits, iguanas and more!

We love our clients!